Terms of Service

    Please abide by the following simple rules when using this website:
  1. Using temp email services such as (@yandex.ru, temp-mail, @mail.com, @mail.ru) is highly prohibited and would get your account disabled
  2. Please do not use bots.
  3. Please be civil when contacting us and refrain from using strong language.
  4. Please do not try to abuse the free giveaway by creating multiple accounts and collecting the free prize more than once every hour using proxies or similar IP address changing applications/services.
  5. We are not responsible for ads shown on the site and some of them might contain NSFW content
  6. If you are found to be breaking any of the above rules or trying to gain an unfair advantage to abuse the service, your account will be deleted and your account balance forfeited.......
  7. Mining game is pegged to real mining farm so rewards might reduce during power outages or when btc network mining rewards reduce, please understand the risk before you purchase a plan. By purchasing mining plan you agree to the following rules
  8. You will not purchase more than the maximum amount of energy allocated to your membership
  9. Max energy per membership is as follows:
    • Normal membership - 7 warehouses or 400 energy
    • Crypto hunter - 10 warehouses or 500 energy
    • Faucet King - 15 warehouses or 800 energy
    • Team membership - 20 warehouses or 1000 energy
    • Tss Family 💎 - Unlimited warehouses/energy
    Buying more energy than your assigned membership will result in penalty and your sats being reduced and in extreme cases banned from using the service
contact [email protected] for any issues you might be facing